School Site Council

The School Site Council is comprised of equal numbers of elected parents and school staff members. CA Education Code requires this group to review and update the School Plan at least annually, including proposed expenditures of funds allocated to the site. Meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.  Watch for meeting announcements on the school's marquee.

Day: Third Thursday of each month
Time: 2:25 p.m.
Location: PES Library
17/18 Site Council Officers
President: Brooke MacKay
Vice-President/Secretary: Amy Langhals

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The PES School Site Council consists of 7 parents, 7 classroom teachers, and 1 administrator.
Eden Davis-2nd & 4th Grade
Marc Mattox-2nd Grade
Becky Yuhasz-1st Grade
Jenifer Nichols-Kinder
Roberto Estrada-4th Grade
Brooke MacKay-K & 4th Grade
Amy Langhals-5th Grade
Classroom Teachers
Kelly Levin, Kindergarten
Leslie Althoff, First Grade
Amy Nestman, Second Grade
Steve Bowden/Laura Taylor, Third Grade
Katy Fritz, Fourth Grade
Lisa Shaw, Fifth Grade
Joan Hasek, Team Success
Debbi Davis, Principal